Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Technical Matters:
Troubleshooting and Game
In This Chapter
Taking a screenshot of your farm
Dealing with game updates
Dealing with common FarmVille bugs and glitches
Even though FarmVille is well over a year old as of this writing, the
developers at Zynga are constantly developing new features
and updating content. Although this constant development
means that you get to try out new features as they're
added to the game, it also means that the game may not
be as stable as your average retail release.
In this chapter we tell you how to deal with some
of the more common technical problems you may
encounter while playing the game, and show you
how to take advantage of some of the more techni-
cally advanced features in the game.
Taking a Picture of Your Farm
Although your neighbors can see your farm at any time with
a quick in-game visit, showing your farm off to people who don't
play the game can be a little tougher. Facebook provides an in-game
camera that lets you save a picture of your farm in a Facebook photo album,
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