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If you don't feel like registering for a specific account on the official FarmVille
Forum, you can click the Connect With Facebook button under the login
menu to use your Facebook credentials to represent yourself in the forum.
The Official FarmVille Podcast
Zynga schedules a biweekly podcast to discuss the current happenings in
FarmVille. The podcast addresses gameplay tips and happenings throughout
the FarmVille community in a short, pithy format. The most exciting part of the
podcast might be the Coming Soon segment, which gives information about
upcoming FarmVille game features, limited-edition items, and special events.
Though podcast episodes are officially hosted as YouTube videos at the
address noted previously (and shown in Figure 13-7), the regular Zynga
information dumps have no visual conponent, meaning that if you prefer
reading to listening, you can find transcripts of each podcast on Zynga's
Official FarmVille Forums at
php?f=245 .
Figure 13-7: The Official FarmVille Podcast page on YouTube.
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