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Even though this topic is a handy reference for nearly everything you need
to know about FarmVille, the game changes much faster than this topic can
keep up with. For the most up-to-date information on the latest happenings in
and around FarmVille, try the Web sites described in the following sections.
The Official FarmVille Forum
Zynga hosts an official forum, shown in Figure 13-6, in which farmers can dis-
cuss the game and any other topics of interest. Besides being a great place to
swap tips and observations with other players, the forum serves as Zynga's
repository for official posts containing information about new game features.
Figure 13-6: The Official FarmVille Forum.
The official forum is also an excellent place to post general feedback about
the game for community discussion. Zynga pays attention to what players are
talking about in this forum, and what you discuss there may affect the direc-
tion the game takes in the future.
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