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Figure 13-5: Zynga's e-mail support form.
In general, if you lost an item because of an in-game error or glitch, Zynga
gladly replaces the purchase or refunds the purchase price in Farm Cash or
Farm Coins. However, items lost because of user error — such as accidentally
deleting or selling an item — will not be replaced. Likewise, your money will
not be refunded for an accidental purchase of an item from the Market menu.
Please note that as of this writing, Zynga doesn't restore free gifts that are
lost because of in-game bugs. Zynga also doesn't refund purchases of gifts
sent to the wrong person, including both free gifts and those purchased with
Farm Cash. The company doesn't replace free gifts that are lost in transit, nor
any free gift that has been accidentally sold or deleted.
If your Facebook account is compromised by another user, with or without
your consent, Zynga doesn't replace any item that might have been lost
or deleted as a result. Please take necessary precautions to secure your
account, as discussed earlier in this chapter.
You can read more details about FarmVille's full Item Restoration Policy by vis-
iting .
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