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Use unique login information. Don't use the same e-mail address and
password information for more than one Web site. For simplicity and
memorability, try adding some variation of the current site's name to
the end of your standard password.
Avoid clicking Facebook news feed links from unknown parties. As we
explain earlier, in the “Fake news feed links” section of this chapter, fake
links often try to fool you into entering your Facebook login information
so that a third party can record it.
Be especially careful if Facebook unexpectedly asks you to enter
your login information after clicking a link; you may not actually be
on Facebook, even if the page looks legitimate. Check the URL in the
address bar carefully.
Download a virus scanner and run regular virus scans. Anti-Virus Gold
offers a relatively robust, free virus scanner at .
Log out after using Facebook on a public computer. If you don't log
out, the next person to use that computer will have full access to your
Facebook account. Log out by clicking the Account button in the upper-
right corner of any Facebook page and then clicking the Logout button
in the drop-down menu that appears.
Contacting Zynga
If you run into a technical, billing, or gameplay issue with FarmVille that
you can't fix using the information in this topic, you can contact the game's
publisher, Zynga, for help. The following sections describe ways to seek help
from Zynga.
General user support
You can find Zynga's support page for FarmVille by visiting http://zynga. , shown in Figure 13-4. From here,
you can click links to more information about some of the most common
issues currently affecting FarmVille players.
More likely, though, you'll want to skip these links and search for the spe-
cific information you're looking for. In the Search box midway down the
page on the right side, type a few keywords describing your problem and
then click the Search button to display a list of possible answers to your
issue. Click the links on the Results page to read more information about
that issue from Zynga's support database.
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