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Figure 13-3: A fake FarmVille news feed post.
The game's name is misspelled as “farmville.”
To check the veracity of a news feed post without having to rely on a sharp
eye for misspellings, simply hover the mouse over the suspect link without
clicking and look in the lower-left corner of your Web browser window.
There, a Web address should show where the news feed link leads. If that
Web address starts with , it is
a legitimate link. If it starts with anything else, it is a fake link, and you should
ignore or delete it.
Protecting Yourself on Facebook
Protecting yourself while playing FarmVille doesn't just mean avoiding
scams — it also means protecting your Facebook account. If your Facebook
account is accessed illegitimately by a hacker, Zynga will not be held
responsible for any items, Farm Cash, or Farm Coins that might be lost. The
same applies even if you purposely share your Facebook account with a
supposed friend who proceeds to ruin your farm.
Allowing other people to access your Facebook account obviously carries
other serious personal privacy risks, as well. Follow these tips to help protect
your Facebook account from illegitimate access:
Never share your Facebook account information with other
Facebook users, third-party Web sites, or anyone else. If a person or
site says it needs your Facebook information to give you access to a
free item or to unlock privileged game features, ignore that request.
Your login information should always remain private and known only
to you. Type your Facebook password only into the Facebook login
page at, as discussed in Chapter 2.
Use a strong password. A strong password includes lowercase and capi-
tal letters and numbers and symbols, and it doesn't include words com-
monly found in a dictionary. Try adapting your password from the first
letters of an easy-to-remember phrase or song lyric, or use an easy-to-
remember pattern of key positions on your keyboard. Insert memorable
dates and numbers into the password for added security. Remember,
longer passwords are harder for hackers to figure out.
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