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Fake FarmVille Facebook groups
Searching for FarmVille-related groups on Facebook easily turns up hundreds
if not thousands of groups that claim to offer free Farm Cash or other items if
you become a fan, as shown in Figure 13-1. Without exception, these groups
are all scams that use unfulfillable promises of free stuff to attract members.
The only legitimate ways to receive free Farm Cash are listed in Chapter 5 of
the topic. Disregard any Facebook groups that say otherwise.
Figure 13-1: Examples of false FarmVille promises
made by Facebook scam group invites.
Fake news feed links
Although clicking legitimate news feed links is a good way to get in-game
bonuses (as discussed in Chapter 4), many scammers post illegitimate links
that actually take you to phishing sites or other dangerous corners of the
Internet. The differences between these fake news feed posts and real FarmVille
news feed posts can be quite subtle. As shown in Figures 13-2 and 13-3, the only
noticeable difference might be a small misspelling of the game name.
Figure 13-2: A legitimate FarmVille news feed
post. Note that the game name is spelled
correctly as “FarmVille.”
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