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Each FarmVille player needs to take responsibility to protect his or her per-
sonal security while playing the game. Keep an eye out for these common
types of scams.
“Free” Farm Cash offers
As discussed in Chapter 5, Zynga provides links to numerous offers and
promotions that purport to provide free in-game Farm Cash upon comple-
tion. Just because these third-party offers are linked to the FarmVille page,
though, doesn't mean they're trustworthy.
Some offers claim to require only a free trial subscription on the link but then
demand an up-front payment after you click through. Others simply refuse
to work unless you choose one of the paid options they offer, despite having
been advertised as free offers. Still others simply never deliver the Farm Cash
they promise after you complete the offer.
In general, if an offer comes from a major, well-known national brand, it's most
likely safe. Be wary of offers from unknown companies that ask you to provide
your cell phone number or mailing address. Giving out cell phone numbers in
these offers can be especially dangerous because unscrupulous companies can
use them to place unwanted charges on your cell phone bill. Always read the
fine print on any offer page to make sure you know what you're agreeing to.
If you do run into an offer that you feel is fraudulent in some way, contact
Zynga using the methods discussed later in this chapter. After an outcry from
many players, the company is now pretty good about responding to com-
plaints and cleaning up problems on its Offer page.
Also, it should go without saying that you shouldn't trust any other Web site
besides FarmVille's that provide links to supposedly free Farm Cash offers.
As a general rule, if you didn't find it on the FarmVille game page, don't trust
it — and even if you did find it on FarmVille, be cautious.
FarmVille guides
A quick Internet search for FarmVille turns up countless guides that promise
to make you a better FarmVille player by giving you secrets, tips, and strate-
gies that aren't available to the general public. Of course, you have this topic,
which does all those things already, so you don't need to go searching out
those guides, anyway.
If you do go searching around, however, be cautious of guides that ask for any
sort of up-front payment before providing a download. The PDF products they
offer are usually no better than the information freely available online (or in a
book like the one you're holding!). In extreme cases, the guide itself may not
exist, a fact you'll discover only after your credit card has been charged.
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