Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Staying Secure
and Finding Support
In This Chapter
Avoiding FarmVille scams
Spotting fake news feed posts
Contacting Zynga support
Finding more FarmVille information on the Web
With tens of millions of players, FarmVille has attracted a lot of atten-
tion from unscrupulous characters looking to exploit some player's
lack of technical knowledge through FarmVille-related scams. This
chapter shows you how to spot some of the most common of
these scams so that you can avoid being drawn in.
Despite our best efforts, this topic may not be able to
answer all your support questions about FarmVille.
Some issues you encounter may require the help of
Zynga support to fix, and we tell you in this chap-
ter how to contact that support. Other issues may
have to do with new features introduced after this
book goes to press. As a result, in this chapter we
recommend some good Web resources for keeping
up with these frequent changes, as well.
Avoiding FarmVille Scams
Unfortunately, numerous scams targeted at unsuspecting
FarmVille players are floating around out there. Most of these scams are
designed to make you believe they originate from FarmVille itself, or from its
publisher, Zynga, while asking you to reveal private information about you or
your account.
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