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In-Depth Information
Time to completion
Size of your team
How much each member of the team contributed to the job
Click the Ribbons tab in the Job History menu to see your progress toward
collecting co-op-related ribbons. (Go to Chapter 11 to find details about earn-
ing ribbons.)
Rewards You Earn from Co-Op Farming
The specific XP and coin rewards you receive for a co-op job depend on the
particulars of that job. Generally, jobs that require you to grow more crops
yield more rewards. Each completed co-op job earns you coins, XP, and an
exclusive prize.
Every member who signs up to participate in a successful co-op job receives
the full reward for that job. This benefit applies even to participants who con-
tributed literally no planting or harvesting to the effort, meaning that a lot of
jobs will attract a lot of do-nothing hangers-on when the job nears the finish
line. Many farmers get angry when slacker neighbors leech off their hard
work without contributing, but just remember that their success doesn't
diminish your hard-won achievement.
Finishing co-op jobs helps you toward earning three ribbons — Fabulous
Foreman, Best of the Rest, and Employee of the Month. Also remember that
you can earn bragging rights as the MVP — the farmer who contributes the
most harvested crops to a successful co-op job.
You can also earn special, additional prizes for completing a co-op job within
the strict, gold-medal time limit. These gold-medal exclusive prize vary
depending on the co-op job. Basic jobs reward you with special items, most of
which can't be purchased in the FarmVille Market. For example, you can get
a Grape Sheep by completing the Fashion Bug co-op job, or a Mini Pagoda for
completing the Stirring Things Up co-op job. Crafting jobs reward you with
three bushel sets for the appropriate recipe when you earn a gold medal.
To find out what the gold reward prize is for each specific co-op job, simply
scroll or mouse over the Gold Trophy icon (refer to Figure 12-3).
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