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Consequences of quitting a job before it's done
After you quit a co-op job, you forfeit your right to any rewards that come
from the completion of that job. Also note that any progress you've contrib-
uted to the current job will be lost when you quit, meaning that you'll be leav-
ing the neighbors who were depending on you that much further from their
goal. That said, if it looks as though you and your team will have no chance
to complete your job before time runs out, cutting your losses early might
not be a bad idea. Also note that you can't quit a job that you yourself started
if other neighbors have already joined your job.
Farm Cash buys more time for the job
If you're worried that you won't make the deadline for your current co-op
job, you can spend Farm Cash to buy an extension. Just click the Purchase
button in the bottom-left corner of the Co-op Farming menu and then click
the Purchase button on the resulting pop-up notification to confirm your
purchase (or click Cancel if you think better of it). Time extensions cost 15
Farm Cash and extend the amount of time remaining for each medal level,
though the specific amount of time varies depending on the specific co-op
job. It's a high price, but if your co-op team's pride is on the line, it might be
worth it.
Completing a Co-op Job
A co-op job ends when the bronze medal time limit has expired or your co-op
team has harvested the required number of crops. The appropriate amount
of bonus coins and XP are automatically deposited in your account as soon
as the co-op job is completed — no need for any additional action on your
part. If you earned a gold medal, an exclusive prize is also automatically
deposited in your Gift Box. Yeehaw!
Note that completing a co-op job is an all-or-nothing proposition. Even if
you've singlehandedly completed 90 percent of a co-op job and your good-
for-nothing neighbors have barely lifted a finger to help, you'll receive no
bonus if the bronze medal time limit runs out before you reach 100 percent. If
it looks as though your team won't be able to complete your job, it might pay
off to quit and cut your losses (see the previous section).
When your current job is complete, a white arrow appears, pointing to the
Co-op icon on the toolbar. You can view the results by clicking the Co-op icon
to open the Co-op Jobs menu. These results will live on in the Job History tab
of the Co-Op Jobs menu, as shown in Figure 12-7. The Job History menu keeps
track of the total number of co-op jobs you've successfully completed, as well
as the total number of medals of each color you've received. The Job History
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