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Working on a Co-op Job
After you have your friends involved and coordinated, there's not much to
co-op farming. Simply plow, seed, and harvest your crops as normal to work
toward your goals. Remember, time is of the essence in co-op jobs, so be sure
to harvest and replant your plots as quickly as possible.
You can check on your team's progress toward the co-op job goal at any
time by clicking the Active Job tab in the Co-op Farming menu (refer to
Figure 12-4). Then click the Friends tab to see how many crops have been
seeded and harvested by each friend, as shown in Figure 12-6. You can click
the Send Message button next to your friend's name on this menu to post a
message on his or her Facebook wall and better coordinate your efforts.
Figure 12-6: The Active Job menu's Friends tab.
Quitting a co-op job
Note that you can't start a second co-op job until your current job is finished.
If you're really eager to move on with your co-op farming career, you can
quit your current job early by clicking the Quit Job button in the lower-left of
the Active Job Progress tab of the Co-op farming menu (refer to Figure 12-4)
and then clicking Quit Job again on the pop-up notification to confirm your
choice. Note that if you started a co-op job, you have to see it through to the
bitter end when either the time limit for the bronze (lowest) medal expires or
your team completes the job.
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