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Recruiting Friends to Help
Now that you're part of a co-op job, you want to get as many friends as pos-
sible helping you out. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Click the Recruit Friends button in the Co-op Jobs menu.
A pop-up notification appears.
2. Click the Share button in the notification box.
The Facebook message posting dialog box, shown in Figure 12-5,
3. Enter a message and then click Publish to post the notice on your
Facebook wall.
Your neighbors can click a link that automatically appears in the news
feed post to join your co-op job.
Figure 12-5: Posting a note about your co-op job to the Facebook news
Neighbors can also join your co-op jobs by visiting the Co-op Jobs menu.
Jobs currently under way by neighbors are shown first in the Co-op Jobs
menu, so any of your neighbors can easily join your job just by clicking the
Join button in their game.
Because you need to rely on your neighbors' participation to complete a
co-op job, it's vital that you not only have neighbors join the job but also
communicate with them. Before you start planting, you should coordinate
with your fellow co-op participants and decide who should grow what crops
and in what quantities.
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