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5. (Optional) Click Share to post a notification to your Facebook wall or
Cancel to skip it.
Clicking Share notifies your neighbors via a Facebook news feed post
that you have started a job. (If you click Cancel, no news feed is posted.
See Chapter 4 for more details on posting notifications to your Facebook
news feed.)
The Active Job menu, shown in Figure 12-4, appears. This menu shows
the following:
How many crops in the job have been seeded and harvested.
How many of each type of crop still needs to be seeded.
How much time is left to get each colored medal for the job.
Pictures of each person involved in the current co-op job. Hover the
mouse pointer over any picture to see that neighbor's name. (Note
that co-op participants who aren't on your Neighbors list appear as
anonymous outlines with a question mark over the shadow-face.)
To return to the Co-op Farming menu at any time during your current
job, just click the Co-op Jobs icon on the Tools menu.
Figure 12-4: The Active Job menu.
6. Click the Return to Game button at the bottom right to return to your
Time is constantly counting down on your co-op job, so better get
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