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Figure 12-1: The Co-op Farming menu.
2. Browse the Co-op Farming menu to choose the job you want.
For each job, you can see the maximum potential reward in coins and
XP, as well as the amount of time you and your co-op team will have to
complete that job. For jobs already in progress, you'll also see pictures
of the neighbors who are participating in the job and what percentage of
the job they've already completed.
Be sure to click the Next button in the corner to scroll through all the
pages of available jobs. Also note that you can use the tabs at the top of
the Jobs menu to filter the menu by the type of co-op job you're looking
for. Crafting jobs offer a special bushel reward for gold-medal comple-
tion. (For more about bushels, see Chapter 7.)
3. Click the green Start or Join button next to the job you're interested in.
Don't worry if you're not 100 percent sure that you want to take the job
at this point — clicking this button just displays the Jobs menu, shown
in Figure 12-2. This menu shows exactly how many of each crop you and
your team will need to grow to complete the job, as well as the various
time limits you all have to beat to receive each colored medal. For jobs
that have already been started by neighbors, this menu also shows how
many of the appropriate seeds have been seeded and harvested.
To find out what the Gold Reward prize is for each specific co-op job,
simply scroll or mouseover the Gold Trophy icon, as shown in Figure
12-3. If the specifics of the job you're looking at don't interest you for
any reason, simply click the Cancel button to go back to the Co-op
Farming menu referred to in Step 1.
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