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For the most part, co-op farming is just like regular farming in FarmVille,
except that it requires a little extra planning and cooperating (obviously)!
Crops still grow and wither at the same rate when you're on a co-op job, but
now you have the added the constraint of a specific time limit for reaching
your harvest quota. Think of it as a crop-growing race: If you and your friends
can reach the finish line before the timer runs down, you win a medal!
Each co-op job asks you and your neighbors to grow a set number of specific
crops within a set, real-world time limit. Depending on the completion time,
the job can earn your co-op group gold, silver, or bronze medals, each of
which comes with various coin and experience point (XP) rewards for each
member. Gold-medal performances on co-op jobs come with unique reward
items, as well, and crafting jobs also come with extra bushels for a gold-
medal performance. (If you need to know more about getting and using bush-
els, see Chapter 7.)
Although you don't technically need to work with any neighbors to complete
co-op jobs, they are designed to be hard — if not impossible — for any single
farmer to complete alone. For example, even a farming veteran with a mas-
sive plantation would have trouble harvesting 1,275 grape plots in two days
to get the gold medal on the Fashion Bug co-op job. With the help of even
a few friends with smaller farms, however, the entire group should have no
trouble making the deadline with some diligent harvesting and replanting.
Starting or Joining a Co-op Job
Before you start a co-op job, you have to let the game know that you and
your friends plan to attempt it. You notify FarmVille of this through the Co-op
Farming menu, shown in Figure 12-1.
Crops planted on your farm before you start or join a co-op job don't count
toward the job's goal, so make sure your plots are plowed and empty before
starting a new co-op job.
To start a co-op job, follow these steps:
1. Click the Co-Op Farming icon in the upper-right corner of the Tools
This icon appears only if you've unlocked co-op farming by reaching
level 20. Clicking it brings up the Co-op Farming menu (refer to Figure
12-1). This menu shows all the available co-op jobs you can participate
in, including jobs already under way by your neighbors.
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