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Let's Cooperate: Co-op Farming
In This Chapter
Grasping the basics of co-op farming
Navigating the Co-op Farming menu
Starting and completing co-op farming jobs
On April 2, 2010, FarmVille developer Zynga introduced cooperative
farming jobs to FarmVille. These jobs give you an opportunity to work
together with your FarmVille neighbors toward a common goal. Co-op farm-
ing is one of the most social aspects of this already very social game.
In this chapter, we explain what co-op farming is, how to navigate the Co-op
Farming menu, and how to complete co-op jobs in FarmVille. We also explain
why you'd want to bother with co-op farming in the first place by
outlining the benefits of completing co-op farming jobs. Read
on for everything you need to know!
You can't start or join in a co-op farming job until
you've reached level 20. If you're not at level 20 yet,
see Chapter 8 for more on gaining new levels, and
come back here when you're able to join in.
How Do Co-op Jobs Work?
Cooperative farming jobs, also known simply as
co-op jobs, involve farmers working together by com-
bining their resources and efforts for mutual benefit.
Just as real world co-op farming does, FarmVille's version
involves having each participant share in both the work and
rewards of a job.
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