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Figure 11-8: Mastery signs displayed on a farm.
More XP from harvests: When you reach mastery level 3 for a crop,
each seed you plant of that crop type has a chance of being a premium
crop. These premium seeds look slightly bigger than regular crops and
yield bonuses of anywhere from one to eight XP when you harvest them,
depending on the crop. The only way to receive this randomized pre-
mium crop bonus is by planting fully mastered crops, so get cracking on
earning those mastery points!
Bushel and market stall bonuses: When you find a bushel while har-
vesting a crop, you receive a bonus bushel for each level of mastery
you've attained for that crop. (See Chapter 7 for more on finding and
using bushels.) For instance, if you've reached mastery level 2 on
Strawberries, you receive three total bushels every time you turn up a
bushel when harvesting those berries. These bushels are also available
in your Farmers Market stall for eight hours longer than they were for
your previous mastery level.
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