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When you harvest a crop after level 10, a small pop-up message saying “+1
Mastery” appears, showing that you've earned 1 point toward mastering
that crop. Note that you receive mastery points by only harvesting crops —
planting and deleting a crop before it is ripe doesn't earn you any mastery
As you earn more mastery points, the blue progress bar below the stars on
the Market menu fills up. When it's completely full, you earn a star represent-
ing the next mastery level for that crop, as well as a bonus. After a crop has
reached mastery level 3, it is fully mastered, and you earn a mastery sign for
that crop (as discussed in the “Earning mastery bonuses” section, later in
this chapter).
You can also hover your mouse over the progress bar to see how many mas-
tery points you've already earned and how many you need to achieve the
next mastery level, as shown for the tomato crop in Figure 11-6.
You can use bushels to receive two mastery points per harvested plot rather
than one! See Chapter 7 for more on finding and using bushels.
Each crop requires a different number of mastery points to reach each
crop mastery level, as detailed in Table 11-4. Note that the mastery points
counter resets every time you earn a mastery level, so after earning
500 mastery points to reach the first mastery level for strawberries, for
instance, you have to earn 1,000 more mastery points before reaching mas-
tery level 2. For simplicity, the Total Mastery Points column in the table
shows how many points it takes to earn full mastery of the given crop.
Some crops also require you to master a previous crop before they'll be
unlocked in the Market menu. These crops are indicated in the Mastery
Prerequisites column. See Chapter 8 for more on what levels are required to
unlock each crop.
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