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Mastering Crops
When you first start your farming career and are on the lower levels of the
game, planting crops is all about earning XP and Farm Coins, as we describe
in Chapter 3. When you reach level 10, however, you gain the ability to
master crops that you plant frequently. Each crop you harvest after reach-
ing level 10 is worth one mastery point for that crop. Collect enough mas-
tery points for a crop and you'll earn mastery stars and other bonuses Keep
reading to see how.
Crops planted before you reach level 10 do not count toward your crop
Earning mastery points
All permanent seeds (seeds that are always offered in the FarmVille Market)
and some limited-edition seeds in the Market can be mastered. (See Chapter
6 for more on using the FarmVille Market menu to obtain seeds.) After you
reach level 10, crops that can be mastered are indicated by a set of three
brown stars under their name in the Seeds tab of the Market menu, as shown
in Figure 11-6.
Figure 11-6: Crop mastery progress, as shown on the Market menu.
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