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Table 11-3 (continued)
How to Get
Banded Quill
Find by harvesting Turkeys, Brown Geese,
and Swans
Blue Feather
Find by harvesting trees
Button Collection
Check Button
Can receive only as a gift
Brass Button
Find by fertilizing neighbors' crops
White Button
Find by plowing
Jewel Button
Find by collecting from any colored
chicken and in Chicken Coops
Formal Button
Find by plowing
Pearl Button
Find by plowing
Finding limited-time collectibles
As of this writing, all limited-time collectibles can be found on your farm
while seeding crops. The only other way to acquire these collectibles is by
purchasing them, as discussed in the “Differentiating between permanent
and limited-time collections” section, earlier in this chapter.
Storing completed collections
After you've acquired all the collectibles you need for a complete collection,
click the Store Collection button to turn that collection in for a bonus. You
can exchange completed collections for the following:
Permanent collections: Exchange for 5 tanks of fuel, 5,000 coins, and
250 XP
Limited-time collections: Exchange for 200 XP and an exclusive prize
that you can't purchase from the FarmVille Market (a prize that varies
with the specific collection). Note that although you can redeem a
limited-time collection multiple times (if you acquire the collectibles
again), subsequent storage will not include any fuel bonus.
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