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Also note that some permanent-collection collectibles are available only
as gifts and can't be collected any other way. See Table 11-3 for more on
these collectibles.
Find collectibles in Mystery Eggs. Each Mystery Egg you open has a
chance of containing a collectible. Mystery Eggs are eggs that yield spe-
cial prizes when hatched from your FarmVille chickens that you can find
when harvesting your Chicken Coop.
Click the collectible sharing links on a neighbor's news feed. These
news posts will be in the format [ Friend name ] Found Some Uncommon
Collectibles and Wants to Share Them with You in FarmVille! or [ Friend
name ] Has Completed a Collection in FarmVille.” You can post similar
links to your news feed when you find a collectible or complete a col-
lection. See Chapter 4 for more on sharing items and bonuses using the
Facebook news feed.
Finding permanent collectibles
Certainly, you can obtain all your collectibles as gifts or by clicking news
feeds. Engaging in the activities involved in farming, however, is by far the
most efficient way to complete your various collections.
Not every collectible is created equal, though. Some collectibles pop
up much more frequently than others, as noted by the word Common,
Uncommon, or Rare that appears under a given collectible in the Collections
menu (refer to Figure 11-3 to see examples).
What's more, each different farming task gives you a chance of finding differ-
ent collectibles in the permanent collections. The game cryptically alludes to
these methods when you hover over a collectible on the Collections menu,
but for those of you who find hints like “Look up!” too hard to decipher,
we've outlined how to find each permanent collectible in in Table 11-3.
Table 11-3
How to Find Permanent-Collection Items
How to Get
Gardening Tools Collection
Can receive only as a gift
Find by plowing or hatching white
Mystery Eggs
Find by fertilizing neighbors' crops
Find by harvesting sheep
Pruning Saw
Find by harvesting trees or hatching gold
Mystery Eggs
Find by fertilizing neighbors' crops
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