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collectible in order to complete the collection. The number to the right of
the slash under each limited-time collectible indicates how many of that
collectible you need to acquire before storing the collection, whereas the
number to the left indicates how many you have found thus far.
If you're having trouble finding that final collectible or two necessary to finish
a limited-time collection, you can just buy it. To do so, click the Buy button
under that collectible and then click the Buy button in the resulting pop-up
notification to confirm your purchase. You can also click the Buy Collection
button to purchase all the remaining collectibles you need for your limited-
time collection.
For active collection, common collectibles cost 1 Farm Cash each, whereas
uncommon collectibles cost 2 Farm Cash, and rare collectibles cost 3 Farm
Cash. Retired limited-time collectibles can be purchased for 1 Farm Cash
each. Note that you can't purchase permanent-collection collectibles this
way — you have to earn them the hard way.
A countdown timer appears on your farm when a limited-time collection gets
within a few days of retiring. After a limited-time collection is retired, you can
collect those items only with a Farm Cash purchase rather than by finding
items while farming, so complete those collections before your limited time
runs out!
You can keep up to ten of each permanent-collection collectible at any time.
As for limited-time collection collectibles, the sky's the limit on what you
can own.
Acquiring collectibles
You can acquire collectibles in a number of ways, including:
Find a collectible while farming or helping a neighbor's farm. See the
upcoming Table 11-3 for advice on which farming actions turn up spe-
cific permanent-collection items.
Receive a collectible as a free gift from a neighbor. Common collect-
ibles are featured in the rotation of items on the FarmVille Gifting page,
as discussed in Chapter 3. Usually, two different collectibles are featured
on the page for several days before being rotated out to make room for
a new collectible. Note that the giftable collectibles are randomized,
meaning that neighbors don't necessarily see the same ones that other
neighbors see on the Gifting page.
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