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Figure 11-4: A notification that you've
found a collectible.
Differentiating between permanent
and limited-time collections
Each collectible you find is part of either a permanent collection or a limited-
time collection. As their names imply, permanent collections are always avail-
able in the game, whereas items in limited-time collections can be found only
briefly, usually for a period of six or seven weeks.
You can see the current limited-time collections, as well as items from retired
limited-time collections, by clicking the Limited Time tab in the Collections
menu shown in Figure 11-3. Doing so displays the Limited Time section of the
Collections menu, as shown in Figure 11-5.
Figure 11-5: The Limited Time menu on the Collections menu.
Besides the difference in availability, limited-time collections also differ
from permanent collections by requiring you to find multiple copies of each
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