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Collecting ribbon bonuses
Ribbons aren't just good for showing off. Each ribbon you earn comes with a
bonus of coins and XP. Occasionally you'll also receive a bonus item in your
Gift Box that's related to that ribbon's goal (a bonus tree for a tree collection
ribbon, for instance).
Although there are some exceptions (see the upcoming section), the number
of coins and XP you earn for most colored ribbons is shown in Table 11-1.
Table 11-1
Ribbon Coin & XP Rewards
Ribbon Color
Coin Reward
XP Reward
500 to 1,000 coins
10 to 50 XP
1,000 to 2,500 coins
20 to 100 XP
5,000 coins
50 to 250 XP
10,000 coins
100 to 1,000 XP
The Pretty Penny, Pack Rat, and Pretty Garden ribbons do not come with any
coin rewards. The Architect ribbon, on the other hand, comes with inflated
XP rewards of 100 XP for the yellow ribbon, 250 XP for the white ribbon,
500 XP for the red ribbon, and the normal 1,000 XP for the blue ribbon. The
Shutterbug and Crop Whisperer ribbons provide fewer coins than the normal
amount that comes with the red and blue ribbons.
Sharing ribbon bonuses with neighbors
Collecting ribbons doesn't just earn you a bonus — you can also let your
neighbors in on the celebration and share the wealth by posting a notice of
your accomplishment to your Facebook news feed.
When you earn a ribbon, a pop-up notice like the one in Figure 11-2 appears to
inform you of your achievement. Click the Share button on this notification to
post a notice about your achievement to your news feed. Up to ten neighbors
can click the link in that news feed post to receive a coin bonus, as follows:
Yellow ribbon: 50 coins
White ribbon: 100 coins
Red ribbon: 250 coins
Blue ribbon: 500
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