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You can see the ribbons you've already earned, as well as the requirements
for the next ribbon in each sequence, by following these steps:
1. In the Tools menu, located at the bottom right of your FarmVille play
area, click the Ribbon icon.
The Ribbons menu, shown in Figure 11-1, appears. Each row of this
menu displays, among other information, the following:
The required action or item collection required for that ribbon
(befriending neighbors for the Local Celebrity ribbon, for instance)
The specific number of the action or item you need to attain the
next colored ribbon in that sequence
Your current progress toward the next ribbon in that sequence
2. Click the right arrow to see information about more ribbons and your
progress toward obtaining them.
3. Click the Stats icon in the upper-right corner of the play area to view
the total number of each colored ribbon you've earned.
Checking this stat from time to time helps give a sense of accomplish-
ment while also revving up your motivation!
Figure 11-1: The Ribbons menu.
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