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Earning ribbons
Collecting collectibles
Mastering crops
Although many people play FarmVille just for the Zen-like joy of tending
to their crops and organizing their farms, most players like to receive
some sort of recognition for the effort they put in. Of course, FarmVille pro-
vides in-game currency and experience points (XP) and levels to signify your
progress, but those rewards can seem either too short-lived or too generic,
in their turn. Where are the permanent rewards that recognize specific situa-
tions in which you've gone above and beyond your fellow farmers?
Well, they're in this chapter. Ribbons, collections, and crop
mastery levels all provide micro-goals to focus on as you
continue to pursue ever-higher levels of in-game cur-
rency and XP. They also provide a great way to set
yourself apart from your neighbors as well as com-
pare your farming skills with other players. In this
chapter, we tell you all about these achievements
and how to obtain them with the minimum of effort.
Earning Ribbons
Ribbons are simply FarmVille's way of recognizing
when you've performed a specific action or collected a
specific item a certain number of times. Ribbons come in
four different colors (in order of attainment: yellow, white,
red, and blue), and each color requires more actions or items than
the previous one's did.
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