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Table 10-1 (continued)
Egg Color
Possible Other Items
Treasured Scots
Scots Grey (50 XP),
Rhode Island Red
(50 XP)
Chicken Gnome, Red Barn, 20
Fuel Refills (500 XP), 1 Farm
Cash, uncommon or rare
collectible, farmhand, arborist,
Orange Butterfly
Rhode Island Red
Golden (50 XP),
Cornish, Rhode Island
Chicken Gnome, Post Office,
Wax Apple Tree, 20 fuel refills
(500 XP), One Farm Cash, rare
collectible, farmhand, arborist
Rainbow (400 XP),
Cornish (50 XP), Scots
Grey (200 XP), Rhode
Island Red (50 XP)
Gold Gnome, Rainbow Cottage,
20 fuel refills (500 XP), uncommon
collectible, Chicken Gnome
Giving Back: FarmVille Philanthropy
in the Real World
Periodically, Zynga offers special limited-edition seed items called Sweet
Seeds that support good real-world causes while also supporting your farm.
These Sweet Seeds events let you purchase one-week licenses to plant
limited-edition seeds — such as sweet yams and white corn — for a donation
of a minimum of 25 Farm Cash. (You can donate more virtual currency if you
The crops you can plant with these licenses tend to have very quick harvest
times and a high profit ratio, as well as the unique ability to never wither!
As a way of saying thank you for the donation, farmers who take part in the
event also receive a Sweet Seeds flag that they can display on their farm.
Depending on the event, FarmVille publisher Zynga takes anywhere from 50
to 100 percent of the Farm Cash donations spent on these permits, converts
them to real money, and sends that money to relief organizations such as
FATEM (which serves people of Haiti) and the U.N. World Food Programme.
As of this writing, the three Sweet Seeds for Haiti limited-edition events have
raised more than $3 million for food and school construction in some of the
poorest areas of the earthquake-ravaged country. Zynga has committed to
running more Sweet Seeds limited-edition events in the future, so keep your
eyes peeled and help out your fellows while you help your virtual farm.
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