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2. Click the Play button on the right side of the screen.
Your mouse pointer is replaced with a dart, which you can point at the
balloons in the center of the screen.
3. Click any balloon with your mouse.
A random limited-edition item is added to your Gift Box.
You can click the Buy or Buy More buttons at the bottom of the Mystery
Game menu to purchase these items directly, or you can click Play Again to
purchase another dart for the displayed cost in Farm Cash.
The first time you click Play to load the Mystery Game, you receive a free
dart to throw without spending any Farm Cash. The resulting limited-edition
item you earn is completely risk free, so trying the game at least once, just for
fun, can't hurt.
Mystery Gifts
Mystery Gifts can contain all types of FarmVille items, including coin
rewards, XP rewards, animals, trees, decorations, vehicles, Farm Cash, and
fuel. Some items featured among the Mystery Gifts, such as the Chinchilla,
are Mystery Gift exclusive items that you cannot find or purchase anywhere
else in FarmVille.
You can send free Mystery Gifts to your neighbors via the Gifting page. The
gift recipient then has to accept your gift through the FarmVille Requests
page. We describe both sending and receiving gifts in more detail in Chapter 4.
Mystery Eggs
You find Mystery Eggs primarily by harvesting Chicken Coops on your farm
(as discussed in Chapter 9) and by feeding chickens in your neighbors'
Chicken Coops (as described in Chapter 4). Whenever you perform either of
these actions, you have the chance to earn a Mystery Egg for your trouble.
Your chance increases if you harvest from an expanded Coop or a Coop with
lots of fed chickens.
A pop-up notification reveals whether you've received a Mystery Egg or just
the normal coin or XP bonuses for your actions, as shown in Figure 10-4. If
you find a Mystery Egg when feeding a neighbor's Coop, you can also share
an extra egg with your neighbors through a news feed post.
Not all Mystery Eggs are created equal. Colored chickens produce eggs that
match their color, and rarer chickens produce eggs with rarer and more
valuable items inside. To keep things, well, mysterious, Zynga changes
the specific items found in each type of Mystery Egg frequently. However,
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