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Mystery Boxes and Games
Both the Mystery Box and Mystery Game are purchasable items that contain
exclusive items that you can't purchase elsewhere in the Market. Either the
Mystery Box or the Mystery Game, but not both, will always be featured as
a limited-edition item in the Market menu. The precise price for these items
varies, but it usually ranges between 16 and 22 Farm Cash.
Buying a Mystery Box or taking a chance at the Mystery Game always yields
a limited-edition item, but you have no guarantee that the item will be one
you want. You might even get a duplicate of a prize you've already received
from a previous mystery purchase. You can usually find hints as to what
prizes can be won from your purchase, but prizes are not revealed until you
Although Mystery Boxes are opened the same way other mystery items are —
by clicking the Use button in your Gift Box — playing the Mystery Game is a
bit more complicated. To play and earn mystery items from a Mystery Game,
follow these steps:
1. Click the Play button under the Mystery Game item in the Market
A simple, interactive balloon-popping game appears, as shown in
Figure 10-3. The cost is deducted from your Farm Cash balance at this
Figure 10-3: The balloon-popping Mystery Game.
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