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Figure 10-2: A limited-edition item notice, as seen on the FarmVille
loading screen.
If you don't want to miss a limited-edition sales event, you should log in to
FarmVille at least twice a week. Typically, new content, including limited-
edition items, is added to the game on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but new
stuff can in fact be released at any time. Limited-edition items can stay in the
FarmVille Market for anywhere from two days to two weeks, so visiting your
farm daily is the best way to absolutely ensure that you don't miss anything.
FarmVille loves celebrating holidays with limited-edition item sets, so be sure
to check in more often around major holidays to be among the first to get
your hands on the associated limited-edition items.
Solving the Mystery of Mystery Items
FarmVille offers quite a few items that you have to open, like presents, to
reveal what's inside. After you find or receive a mystery item, it resides in
your Gift Box until you click the Use button underneath its icon. When you
click the Use button, the mystery item is replaced by the specific, no-longer-
mysterious item inside, which remains in your Gift Box until you use or sell it
as normal.
Mystery items come in a few different varieties. Read on to find out all about
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