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In contrast to crops from other seeds, limited-edition crops do not provide
bushels when harvested. Some limited-edition crops can be mastered — as
indicated by the mastery stars under their pictures on the Market menu —
but you have to harvest pretty quickly to earn that limited-edition crop
mastery sign.
Limited-edition trees
In contrast to seeds, limited-edition trees tend to be more expensive to
purchase than their permanently available brethren. However, limited-edition
trees tend to provide more coins per harvest than other trees, making them
some of the most lucrative purchases in the game on a long-term basis. Your
initial purchase of a limited-edition tree also typically yields more XP than
does the purchase of a regular tree.
Limited-edition animals
Although limited-edition animals, such as the Pinto Pony or Dwarf Goat, may
look different from standard animals, they function similarly in terms of
collecting coins and placement in animal shelters. As is true of most other
animals, usually you can purchase limited-edition animals only with Farm
Cash. These animals often provide inflated amounts of XP when purchased.
They also take up much less space on a crowded farm than comparably
priced limited-edition decorations and buildings. As a result, limited-edition
animals are a great way to gain levels efficiently for those farmers willing to
shell out the Farm Cash.
Limited-edition decorations and buildings
Most regular decorations and buildings don't serve any productive purpose
on your farm, and the same holds true of limited-edition decorations and
buildings. However, these rarely seen items are a great way to set your farm
apart from the countless others that feature identical, permanently available
decorations. Limited-edition decorations also often feature fanciful animations
to add pizzazz to your farm.
Checking in for limited-edition events
If you log in to play FarmVille regularly, it's pretty hard to miss the limited-
edition items being offered. Information about a limited-edition sale often
appears on the FarmVille loading screen, as shown in Figure 10-2. New
limited-edition events are also often noted by a pop-up notification when you
log in to FarmVille.
If you somehow miss these clues, you can always see the currently avail-
able limited-edition items by clicking the Specials button in the Market menu
(refer to Figure 10-1).
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