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As discussed in Chapter 6 and shown in Figure 10-1, you can view all currently
available limited-edition items by clicking the Specials button in the Market
menu. These items are indicated by all the following:
The Limited Edition theme on the item's picture
An icon to the left of the picture that varies depending on the specific
limited-edition event
Red text detailing how much longer the item will be available in the
Limited-edition items remain on your farm even after they are gone from the
Market. Some limited-edition items are occasionally re-released to the market
at a later date, but no item is guaranteed for a future re-release. This fact
makes these limited-edition items prized possessions for many farmers.
Figure 10-1: The limited-edition items section of the Market menu.
Discovering the benefits of limited-edition items
Different types of limited-edition items tend to have improved features over
their permanently available counterparts, as described in the following sections.
Limited-edition seeds
Limited-edition seeds are usually relatively cheap in comparison to
permanently available seeds. They also often feature shorter growth times,
have higher coin yields when harvested, and earn more experience points
(XP) when planted. Seize upon these advantages while you can.
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