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Participating in limited-edition events
Receiving mystery items
Helping people in the real world through virtual farming
Perhaps you've heard some of these homespun bits of wisdom: Variety
is the spice of life. Without mysteries, life would be very dull, indeed.
A good deed is its own reward. These sayings are just as true in the virtual
world of FarmVille as in the real world.
This chapter shows you how to add some variety to the
standard set of items on your farm by purchasing limited-
edition items. We also cover how to give and receive
randomized mystery items and what specific items
they may contain when opened. Finally, we tell
you about how your virtual farming can help raise
money for real people in need through FarmVille's
philanthropic events.
Catching Limited-Edition
Items and Events
Although most items in FarmVille are permanently available
through the Market menu (see Chapter 6 for a thorough tour
of this menu), a certain class of item is available for only a limited
time. Such limited-edition items must be purchased before they disappear
from the Market for good. In-game missions such as co-op jobs and collection
sets are also sometimes available only for a limited time.
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