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Figure 9-8: The Pigpen menu.
After you have slop, you can click any pig in your Pigpen to send it on a hunt
for truffles on your neighbors' farms. Each pig has a chance of finding four
different types of truffles, as detailed in Table 9-1. When you find a truffle on
a neighbor's farm, you must first post that truffle to your neighbor's wall and
then get that neighbor to click a link in the wall post to send the truffle back
to you before using it to unlock the reward.
After hunting for a truffle, a pig has to rest for two days before it can hunt
Table 9-1
Possible Rewards for Truffle Discoveries
Truffle Type
Possible Rewards
Pig Most Likely to Discover It
1/5 Fuel, Strawberry Pig, Black
Pig, Ossabaw Pig
Pig (regular), Black Pig,
Ossabaw Pig, Party Pig
1 Fuel, Strawberry Pig, White
Pig, 300 Coins
Saddleback Pig, Piglet,
Strawberry Pig
5 Fuel Refills, White Pig, Pink
Pot Belly Pig, 1,000 coins
Hot Pink Pig, Hula Pig, Island
Pig, White Pig
10 Fuel Refills, Pink Pot Belly
Pig, 5,000 Coins
Javelina, Miniature Pig, Pot
Belly Pig, Pink Pot Belly Pig
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