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Figure 9-7: The Beehive menu.
The Pigpen is a storage building for all types of FarmVille pigs — and
FarmVille has lots of different kinds of pigs! As with other animal shelters,
you can purchase the frame for 5,000 Farm Coins, but you need to obtain
building items before it is functional (see the “Building storage facilities
from frames” section, earlier in the chapter). You can have only one Pigpen
on your farm, and the basic Pigpen can hold up to 20 pigs. Pigpens can be
expanded to hold up to 40 pigs.
If you place a Pregnant Sow into your Pigpen, it will turn into a normal pig
and not produce any piglets, so watch out!
Pigpens allow you to harvest all your pigs with a single click. They also
decrease the time between harvest from two days for an unpenned pig to one
day for all the pigs inside your pen.
Clicking your Pigpen and then clicking the Look Inside button on the pop-up
menu brings up the Pigpen menu, shown in Figure 9-8. To use this menu, you
first need to obtain some pig slop, which you can do in the following ways:
Click the Make Slop button in the corner of the Pigpen menu to create
slop from bushels in your inventory (see Chapter 7 for more on bushels).
Receive slop as a gift from a friend.
Find slop when you harvest your Pigpen.
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