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Note that your animal may actually change breeds when it transforms from
baby to adult. For example, the Pink Patch Calf will transform into an adult
Chocolate Cow. Basically, game publisher Zynga uses this method to prevent
farmers from obtaining limited-edition adult animals without spending the
required Farm Cash. Therefore, you may want to leave certain baby animals
out of your nursery barn if you are trying to collect every different type of
distinct animal.
In contrast to other types of animal housing, a Nursery Barn full of baby
calves actually takes up more space on your farm than those same baby
animals would occupy unstored. If you're simply looking to use your farm
space most efficiently, consider stuffing your nursery barn with larger foals
rather than small baby calves.
The Beehive is a special type of animal housing that can store up to 200
Honeybees and one Queen Bee. You can purchase the Beehive frame from
the Market menu for 5,000 Farm Coins, but you need to collect building supplies
from neighbors or purchase them with Farm Cash before it's functional.
You can have other types of animals on you farm before you have storage
facilities for them, but with bees, you need the Beehive first. Additionally,
you need to acquire a Queen Bee before you can acquire any plain old
honeybees. You can purchase a Queen Bee in the Market for 10 Farm Cash
or try your luck at finding one by planting and harvesting flowers or fertilizing
your neighbors' flower crops. Honeybees can also be purchased from the
Market menu with Farm Cash, or you can receive them as free gifts from your
friends. You can request Honeybees using the Ask for Honeybees button in
the Beehive menu, shown in Figure 9-7. You find this menu by clicking the
Beehive and then clicking the Look Inside button on the pop-up menu.
As with other animal shelters, Beehives can be regularly harvested for coins
with a single click, generating up to 600 coins a day for a full Beehive. In
contrast to other animals, however, bees will begin to flee your Beehive and
leave your farm if you do not check in every 48 hours, so be sure to stay on
top of your harvesting schedule.
The more Honeybees you own, the greater your chances of finding pollinated
seed and Fertilize All items when harvesting crops on your farm. Finding
a pollinated seed item while harvesting allows you to purchase pollinated
seeds of the harvested crop from the Market menu for the next two days.
These crops have a 50 percent higher chance of generating bushels when
harvested. See Chapter 7 for more on collecting and using bushels.
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