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functional (see the “Building storage facilities from frames” section, earlier in
this chapter).
After it's complete, your Horse Stable can initially hold up to 10 horses. You
can have only one Horse Stable on your farm, so if you want to store more
horses, you need to expand your Stable (see the “Expanding a storage facility”
section, earlier in this chapter, for how to do that). Stables can be expanded
in increments of five horses at a time to hold a maximum of 40 horses for a
fully upgraded stable.
As with other animal shelters, the Horse Stable lets you harvest all the
animals inside with just a single click. As an added bonus, you can harvest
horses stored in a stable every day rather than wait three days to harvest
horses out in the open. When you harvest horses from a Stable, you also
have a chance at finding bonuses, which include 100 free XP or consumables
such as Farmhands and Arborists.
You can also get baby animals — in this case, foals — when you harvest your
Horse Stable. To have a chance at generating a foal from your harvest, you first
need to find a Stallion to put in your Stable, which is easier said than done.
You can't purchase Stallions from the Market menu; they can be found only as
prizes in Mystery Boxes or Mystery Games (see Chapter 10 for more on mys-
tery prizes) or via links from posts on your neighbors' Facebook news feeds.
Occasionally, you find wandering Stallions via a pop-up notification as you
play FarmVille, but in contrast to other adoptable animals, these Stallions
won't live on your farm permanently. Instead, they stay in your Stable for a
single harvest before leaving.
If and when you find a foal in your Stable harvest, you can share the blessed
event via by giving foals to neighbors. You do so via a news feed post, and
five of your neighbors can accept a foal.
Nursery Barn
The Nursery Barn houses all your adorable baby calves and foals. As with
Horse Stables, you can purchase the frame to a Nursery Barn for 5,000 Farm
Coins at any point, but you must collect building materials before the Varn is
functional (see the “Building storage facilities from frames” section, earlier in
this chapter). A basic Nursery Barn can house up to 20 baby calves or foals, but
you can upgrade that capacity to 30 and then a maximum of 40 baby animals.
Besides providing one-click harvesting for all your baby animals, Nursery
Barns also provide a chance to transform your baby animals into adult
horses or cows every time the Barn is harvested. These adult animals will
appear in your Gift Box for placement on your farm. You can also share a
copy of your new adult animal via a news feed post that can be accepted by
up to five of your neighbors.
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