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If you don't have a Chicken Coop, you'll receive one in your Gift Box when
you open any Mystery Egg. This free Chicken Coop is stocked with one free
white chicken and a few white Mystery Eggs that you can share with friends.
Dairy Farm
The Dairy Farm is a building for housing FarmVille cows. You can purchase
this building at any time with 20 Farm Cash, or you can buy one for 10,000
coins after you've reached level 8 and obtained at least five neighbors. Note
that you can have only five Dairy Farms that you've purchased with coins,
but you have no limit on the number of Farm Cash-funded Dairy Farms on
your farm.
Initially, a Dairy Farm can hold up to 20 cows at a time, but each dairy farm
can be expanded to hold more cows (To find out how to expand it, see the
“Expanding storage facilities” section, earlier in this chapter.)
The basic Dairy Farm expands to two more sizes, with all three as follows:
Dairy Farm: Stores 20 cows
Big Dairy Farm: Stores 30 cows
Huge Dairy Farm: Stores 40 cows
As with other animal shelters, Dairy Farms allow you to harvest all the animals
inside with a single click. You can also use the Dairy Farm to create baby calves;
Each time you harvest a Dairy Farm that contains a bull, you have the chance to
receive a baby calf. Bulls can't be purchased from the Market menu; the only way
to obtain a bull is by adopting it from a link on a neighbor's Facebook news feed.
For more on adopting animals from a news feed, see Chapter 4.
The type of calf produced by a Dairy Farm harvest depends on the type of
cow housed in that specific Dairy Farm. For example, a Dairy Farm with a
limited-edition Groovy Cow and a bull has a chance of producing a Groovy
Calf when you harvest it. You can also share a copy of your new baby calf via
a news feed post; up to ten of your neighbors can accept this gift.
Harvesting a Dairy Farm also gives you a chance of finding a bag of fertilizer.
You can't use this fertilizer yourself, but you can share it with your neighbors
through your Facebook news feed. Any neighbor who claims the fertilizer
from your feed can fertilize ten plots of land — rather than the normal five —
the next time he or she visits your farm.
Horse Stable
The Horse Stable is, unsurprisingly, a building used to house your FarmVille
horses. You can purchase a frame for your Horse Stable at any time for
5,000 farm coins, but you need to obtain building items before your stable is
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