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Figure 9-6: The Chicken Coop menu.
Although you can't keep the Mystery Eggs you find in your own Chicken Coop,
you can share them with your neighbors by clicking the Share button to post
the egg to your Facebook news feed. Even if you don't find any Mystery Eggs
during a Coop harvest, you receive a coin bonus from the Coop. The size of
this bonus depends on the rarity of the chickens inside; it ranges from two to
five times the normal value of the eggs harvested from your chickens.
Each farm can have only one Chicken Coop, so if you want to store more than
20 chickens, you have to expand your coop (see the “Expanding storage
facilities” section, earlier in this chapter). The basic Coop expands to four
more sizes, with all five as follows:
Chicken Coop: Stores 20 chickens
Big Coop: Stores 40 chickens
Huge Coop: Stores 60 chickens
Giant Coop: Stores 80 chickens
Super Coop: Stores 100 chickens
Besides providing more space to store your chickens, upgrading to a Huge
Coop also increases your chances of finding Mystery Eggs during a harvest
by 30 percent.
Neighbors visiting your farm can feed your chickens by clicking your Coop.
Likewise, you can visit up to 50 of your neighbors' farms each day and feed
their chickens, too! You can find Mystery Eggs when feeding chickens, and
fed chickens also have a higher chance of delivering a Mystery Egg when
they're harvested. The more your neighbors feed your chickens, the better
the chance that they'll produce Mystery Eggs, so encourage your neighbors
to come by and help every day.
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