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You can store up to 100 perfect bunches of flowers in your Garden Shed at
any time. To clear out space for new bunches, place your current bunches
on your farm or share them with friends. You can also adopt perfect bunches
that friends post on their news feeds by clicking the links in those posts, but
note that those bunches will be stored in your Gift Box, not your Shed.
Sheltering Your Animals
In addition to storage for decorations and vehicles, you can also use specific
buildings to house the various animals on your farm. Storing animals in these
buildings not only makes collecting coins from multiple animals faster and
easier but can also provide bonus items and coins for each collection.
The following buildings can be used to store specific types of animals:
Chicken Coop: Stores your chickens and allows you to collect mystery eggs
Dairy Farm: Stores your cows and lets you create baby calves
Horse Stable: Stores your horses and lets you create foals
Nursery Farm: Stores baby calves and foals and lets them grow into
full-grown animals
Beehive: Stores honeybees and lets you collect coins and items
Pigpen: Stores pigs and lets you find lucrative truffles
The next sections explain each of these facilities in more detail.
Chicken Coop
The Chicken Coop is a building that provides a compact home for all types
of chickens in FarmVille. You can purchase a basic Coop, which can hold up
to 20 chickens, for 5,000 Farm Coins. Note that your new Coop doesn't come
preloaded with chickens — you have to provide those yourself.
You can view the contents of your Chicken Coop and more detailed information
on how many of each type of chicken are in the Coop by clicking the Coop
and then clicking Look Inside to display the Chicken Coop menu, shown in
Figure 9-6.
Storing your chickens in a coop allows you to harvest them all when they're
ready with a single click of the Coop (see Chapter 2 for more on harvesting
animals). Harvesting chickens from a Coop also gives you a chance at finding
Mystery Eggs (which we tell you more about in Chapter 10).
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