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Although no minimum level is necessary to purchase a Garden Shed with
coins, you need to obtain at least ten neighbors before you can purchase one.
(For more on gaining neighbors, see Chapter 4.) When you have enough neigh-
bors, you can purchase a Shed from the Market menu by clicking Buildings
Other and paying 30,000 Farm Coins. Even if you don't have ten neighbors, you
can also purchase a garden shed with 30 Farm Cash if you've reached level 8.
Your new garden shed comes with ten free perfect bunches — five Pink Roses
and five Lavender. You can access these bunches by clicking the Garden Shed
and then clicking Look Inside to bring up the Garden Shed menu, shown in
Figure 9-5. From here, you can choose to place any of your currently stored
perfect bunches by clicking the Use button and then clicking an empty plot of
land on the farm. Note that perfect bunches turn droopy anywhere from 14 to
20 days after you place them (depending on the type of flower). To remove a
droopy bunch, click it and then click Delete, or click the Recycle tool on the
Tools menu and then click the bunch you want to remove.
Figure 9-5: The Garden Shed menu.
You can also share your perfect bunches with friends. To share one, follow
these steps:
1. On the Garden Shed menu, click the Share button.
The Flower Sharing dialog box appears.
2. Click the up and down arrows next to the number to choose a quantity
of flowers to share.
3. Click the Share button to display the Facebook news feed dialog box
and enter an optional personal message.
4. Click Publish.
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