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Although Cellars, Tool Sheds, and Barns are great for storing most decorations
found on your farm, you can't use them to store those bulky but useful
vehicles. To store vehicles, you need a Garage.
To purchase a Garage, you first have to reach level 22. At that level, you can
purchase a Garage frame from the Market menu for 50,000 Farm Coins. Note
that you still need some to obtain building materials before your Garage is
functional (see the “Building storage facilities from frames” section, earlier in
the chapter).
When your Garage is complete, however, you can use it to store up to 20
vehicles. You store a vehicle in the same way as any other item (or animal):
Moving it using the Move tool or Multi tool.
You can't store the Biplane in a Garage.
Besides storing vehicles, you can also use your Garage to upgrade the vehicles
inside after you reach level 26. Upgraded vehicles can cover more plots of
land with a single click — 9 plots after a single upgrade or 16 plots after two
The process for upgrading a vehicle is just about the same as the process of
building a storage facility from a frame. You need a certain number of special
Vehicle Part items to complete the upgrade. You can obtain these as gifts
from friends or purchase them from the Market menu — same as for building
Although you can purchase and receive vehicle parts even if you don't have a
Garage, a Garage is required to upgrade your vehicles.
If you own only one version of each of the three basic vehicles — the Tractor,
Seeder, and Harvester — you may want to consider selling your Garage after
you've upgraded your vehicles. Garages take up a considerable amount of
space on your farm — more space than your three vehicles take up unstored,
actually. Your vehicle upgrades stay intact even if you choose to sell your
garage, so don't worry about wasting your effort on upgrades. If you own
more than three vehicles, however, by all means use your Garage as a way to
keep them from taking up all your precious land.
Garden Shed
A Garden Shed is a special type of storage building used to store perfect
bunches of flowers, which you sometimes find when harvesting flower crops
on your farm. You can then share these bunches with friends or place them
temporarily on your farm as decorations. Without a Garden Shed, however,
you can't keep the perfect bunches for your own use.
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