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Purchase them: You can purchase 10 shovels for 5 Farm Cash on the
FarmVille Market menu. (See Chapter 6 for more on the Market.) Or if
you're already on the Storage Cellar menu, just click the Buy Shovels
button to go directly to the Shovel section of the Market menu.
Gather them from news feed links: You can collect shovels by clicking
shared shovel links in your friends' Facebook news feeds. (See Chapter 4
for more on collecting items and bonuses from news feed links.)
Every shovel you obtain automatically increases your Cellar's storage
capacity by one. Each shovel you collect also gives you a point, which you
can spend on exclusive decorations, as shown next to your storage capacity
in the Storage Cellar menu. Click the Redeem button under any of the available
exclusive decorations on the Storage Cellar menu to add that item to your
Gift Box. Don't worry — spending your accumulated points on these
decorations does not decrease your storage capacity!
From the Storage Cellar menu, you can also click the Comparison tab to
see how your cellar's depth compares to that of your friends, or click the
Inventory button to go to the Storage Inventory menu (refer to Figure 9-3).
Barns and Tool Sheds
Ever since FarmVille's much more expandable Storage Cellar became available,
farmers have come to use Barns and Tool Sheds for decoration more than
storage. However, you can still purchase both of these building types from
the Market menu, and both of them add to your total storage capacity. Barns
and Tool Sheds also provide a good storage option for players who haven't
yet reached level 16 and therefore can't yet purchase a Storage Cellar.
You can purchase the basic Red Barn and Tool Shed from the Market menu
for 40,000 and 14,000 Farm Coins, respectively. Each provides the following
storage space:
Red Barn: Six decorations
Tool shed: Two decorations (initially)
For a quicker storage boost, you can use Farm Cash to purchase colored
Barns that hold 20 items initially, or colored Tool Sheds that hold 15 items
(specific prices vary). Although these special buildings can add a touch of
class to your farm, storage-minded farmers should probably invest their
Farm Cash in shovels for their Storage Cellars instead (see previous section).
No matter how many Tool Sheds or Barns you buy, your total storage capacity
can never exceed 500 items.
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