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After you purchase your cellar, find a small, out-of-the way place on your
farm and dig there with a click. The Storage Cellar menu, shown in Figure 9-4,
appears. (You can display this menu up at any time by clicking your Storage
Cellar and then clicking the Look Inside menu option that pops up, or by
clicking the Upgrade Cellar tab on from the Storage Inventory menu; refer to
Figure 9-3 to see that menu.)
After you place a Storage Cellar on your farm, you can't sell or delete it. You
can, however, move it, so don't worry that your Storage Cellar will ruin a
pristine section of your farm.
Figure 9-4: The Storage Cellar menu.
The Storage Depth section of the Storage Cellar menu displays how many
decorations you can currently store in your cellar. Note that Barns and Tool
Sheds can also contribute to the total storage capacity on your farm, but that
total can never exceed 500 decorations.
Your Storage Cellar starts at a storage depth of zero, but you can increase
this number by collecting shovels. You can collect shovels in a few ways:
Receive them as gifts: Neighbors can send you two shovels as a free gift
from their Gifting page (see Chapter 4 for more on neighbors and gifts).
Click the Ask for Shovels button on the Storage Cellar menu to let your
friends know you're on the lookout for more storage capacity.
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