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A Brief History of FarmVille Storage
When FarmVille first launched in June 2009,
barns and tool sheds were the only storage
options available. These buildings could be
purchased with Farm Cash or constructed
and expanded with the help of neighbors, just
as they can be today. However, even with
expansion, early FarmVille players quickly
found themselves bumping up against the small
maximum limit for items in their tool sheds and
In August 2010, Zynga introduced the Storage
Cellar to fix this problem. This revamped storage
solution allows for a maximum storage capacity
of 500 items per farm. If you had existing barns
or tool sheds before underground storage was
introduced, they can still contribute to your
storage capacity. However, there's no getting
around the 500 maximum capacity per farm,
no matter how many grandfathered storage
facilities you have.
Choosing the Right Kind of Storage Facilities
Some storage facilities are more efficient than others; some serve more
specific purposes than others. You can play the game more effectively when
you develop a good grasp of what to put where, why, and when.
Following are the storage facilities used for decorations and vehicles:
Storage Cellar: Stores up to 500 decorations
Barns and Tool Sheds: Older storage options that can still be used to
expand your general decoration storage capacity
Garage: Stores your vehicles
Garden Shed: Stores perfect bunches of flowers
The next sections explain each of these facilities in more detail.
Storage Cellar
The Storage Cellar is by far the most efficient storage facility in FarmVille,
taking up very little space on your farm while potentially holding hundreds
of decorations. You unlock the ability to buy a storage cellar at level 16, and
there's really no reason not to purchase the 1-coin Cellar from the Market as
soon as you can.
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