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Figure 9-3: The Storage Inventory menu.
You can also click the Sell button under any item on the Storage Inventory
menu to exchange the item for Farm Coins. Be sure to think carefully before
confirming this choice with the Accept button because the only way to get
back items you've sold is to buy them again.
Removing animals from storage
To remove an animal from a shelter, click the shelter and click the Look
Inside option on the menu that pops up to bring up the Animal Storage menu
for that building. Click the Remove button underneath the animal you want to
put on your farm; then click any open area on the farm to place your animal.
Note that with a Pigpen, you may have to click the curtain where the pigs are
sleeping before you see the Remove button.
Animals are much more lucrative when they're in an animal shelter, as
discussed in the “Sheltering Your Animals” section, later in this chapter,
so you usually want to keep your shelters as packed as possible. If you find
yourself removing some animals to make room for more profitable ones,
consider expanding your storage.
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