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Figure 9-2: The Expand Storage menu.
Storing items and sheltering animals
After you've purchased some storage, storing your excess items and animals
is easy. Simply use the Move tool or the Multi tool to move the animal or item
over to the appropriate shelter or storage facility; then click again to drop
it into its new home (for more on using these tools, see Chapter 3). To store
decorations, you can also simply click the item and choose the Store Item
option from the pop-up menu.
You can't store a storage building itself. You also can't store any item that is
part of a collection event, such as the Tuscan Wedding Tent or Holiday Tree.
Retrieving items from storage
Although your stored items (excluding animals) might reside in different
facilities, you access them all through the same Storage Inventory menu,
shown in Figure 9-3. To access this menu, click any storage facility and then
click the Look Inside option on the menu that pops up. You can also access
this menu by hovering over the Gifts icon in the Tools menu and clicking the
Storage icon in the menu that pops up.
To take an item out of storage, click the Use button underneath the item
and then click an open space on your farm where you want to place it. If you
can't find an open spot, or you change your mind, simply click any tool in the
Tools menu and your item will go back into storage.
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