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Horse Stables are not expanded using a barn raising, but rather with building
materials — just as a building is created from a frame. To expand a Horse
Stable, click and then click Look Inside. On the Horse Stable menu that
appears, click the Expand tab to see what materials you need for your stable
expansion and find buttons to ask for more.
Follow these steps to expand the storage capacity of storage buildings other
than the Horse Stable and Pigpen:
1. Click the building you want to expand and click Expand Storage in the
pop-up menu that appears.
The Expand Storage menu, shown in Figure 9-2, appears. You can also
access this menu by clicking the Expand Storage tab on the Storage
Inventory menu on the Tools menu (see the “Retrieving items and animals
from storage” section, later in this chapter).
Note that you can expand only completed buildings. To build frames
into completed buildings, see the previous section on building storage
facilities from frames.
2. Click the Expand button under the building you want to try to expand.
A pop-up notification asks you to spread the word for a “good ol'
fashioned barn raising!”
3. Click Share.
A Facebook news feed post dialog box appears.
4. Type an optional message and then click Publish.
See Chapter 4 for more on making Facebook news feed requests.
Your barn-raising request is now posted on your news feed. Ten of your
neighbors need to click the link in this news post over the next three days to
complete your barn raising and expand your building's storage, so be sure to
bug all your neighbors to click, click, click!
You can have only one barn raising in progress at a time. To cancel your
current expansion attempt, return to the Expand Storage menu and click the
Give Up button under the building you're trying to expand.
You can also click the Buy button on the Expand Storage menu to skip the
barn raising and purchase expanded storage for ten Farm Cash. If you have a
barn raising expansion in progress, you can also use the Buy button to finish
off the expansion — one Farm Cash is as good as a single click from a neighbor
in this case.
Having more neighbors actively playing FarmVille increases the number of
people who can send you building supplies as gifts. See Chapter 4 for more
on acquiring neighbors.
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