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The following steps cover the basics of the construction process:
1. Purchase the frame from the Buildings tab of the FarmVille Market.
For more on using the Market menu, see Chapter 6.
2. Place the frame on your farm.
Any open space will do, and you can always move the frame later.
3. Request building materials from your friends or purchase them with
Farm Cash.
When you first place a frame, a pop-up notification asks whether you
want to post a note to your news feed asking your friends for help with
your new construction. Click the Share button to post a request for
building materials to your news feed.
You can post further requests for building materials by clicking any
building and then clicking Look Inside on the pop-up menu to display
the Building Materials menu, shown in Figure 9-1. Click the Ask for More
button under the desired building item to send out another news feed
Alternatively, you can access building materials you need and buy
them directly from the Market by clicking Buildings
For Animals. One
construction material costs one Farm Cash.
4. After you receive building materials, open your Gift Box by clicking
the Gift Box icon on the Tools menu; then click Use underneath the
building material you want to use.
If you have multiple applicable frames on your farm, you have to choose
which building to use the material on.
After you've obtained every building supply needed for your building, the
frame is automatically replaced with a functional building that you can use
for storage, as discussed in the “Storing items and sheltering animals” section,
later in the chapter.
A good ol' fashioned barn raising:
Expanding storage facilities
Expanding the capacity for most existing buildings — including Barns, Tool
Sheds, Chicken Coops, Dairy Farms, and Nursery Barns — is done via what
the game calls a “good ol' fashioned barn raising.”
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